ntfs.sys file corrupted

Microsoft Windows XP

I have formated my harddrive and have trouble installing
windows xp. When I use the cd to boot the system and
install windows i get the " ntfs.sys file is corrupted"

and than computer restarts.
At what stage during the install does this message occur?

This file is on the cd rom in the i386 directory.
See if you can boot the cdrom, get into the recovery
console. USe chkdsk /r to check the volume.
you can also copy ntfs.sys from \i386 folder on the CD to

Currently I have no os the harddrive, it is virtually

This error occurs during the blue screen installation.
This is when i have an option to getting into recovery,
but even if i try that i get the same message.

So should i make c:\windows\system32\drivers directory on
the blank drive and copy to it the ntfs.sys file from the
windows xp cd?
There comes a point during the install when the files are
copied to the harddrive and XP reboots the machine in order
that the installation may continue from the HD.

Do you have a populated c:\windows folder? If yes,
the install at least got that far adn I would try copying
the version from the CD into windows\system32\drivers.

If you haven't got that far and the drive is really empty,
then perhaps the system is having a problem reading the CD rom.

You could always try a fat32 install to see if that works.
Have you successfully installed from this CD before?
Is it retail xp cdrom?
CD rom.

c: is empty. And i don't think it is the cd because i
tried to install windows using the 6 floppy disk and i
received the same error.

I will try to make c:\windows\system32\drives\ folder and
copy to it the ntfs.sys file from the cd.

and my harddrive is in the fat32 format, i have used a
maxtor software that comes with their hard drives.
Your not talking about the MAXBlast OVERLAY program are you?
That might be an issue. You should only use that if your PC is so
old that it can't properly access a big harddrive.
Please explain.

If that's not the case, I would get rid of the overlay and use
a windows 98 boot floppy to run FDISK.
Downloadable from www.bootdisk.com in case you don't have that.
With that you can check and delete any partitions that may be there.

Then reinstall XP with no partitions in existance. Let XP create

PC is so
and use
may be there.
XP create

I just downloaded it and will try the bootdisk. If
anything i will try to e-mail you. Thanks for helping me
so far