XP won't start up

Microsoft Windows XP

I turned on my computer with a floppy in the A drive.
Computer told me to eject the Non system disk and reboot.
I did and now windows won't start up ?
Any ideas ?

After you reboot keep pressing F8 and then try Last Known Good Configuration.
I tried that, it freezes with a blank black screen and
nothing happens ???
Good Configuration.
Hi Grant--

What exactly happens when you try to boot? Are you getting a blue screen or
any screen with any kind of error information? It might have a clue to your

If you try the repair install won't work, here are some other
alternatives for saving your system and possibly getting up to Windows.
There could be a number of reasons why you can't boot, but without being in
Windows it's pretty difficult to investigate them. If you could get to
Windows via one of these methods, I'd check Event Viewer under Systems and
Applications to see if you can get info on what might be causing the
problem. Recent hardware added or drivers replaced or added are always
prime suspects.

Screen Shots of the Windows Advanced Options Menu
Screen Shots of a Repair Install

MSKB on Repair Install


1) You can try the F8 key that went to LKGC at the Windows Advanced Options
Menu and try these options on the menu. See if you can boot into Safe Mode
and try a system restore to a point before this happened from there. If you
can't then try Safe Mode from the Command prompt, another option, because
sometimes that will work when Safe Mode won't from the gui. Why is beyond
me--maybe the more pristine environment helps.


2) How to start the System Restore tool from a command prompt in Windows XP


3) There are of course repairs you can make when you can't boot up to
Windows with the Recovery Console, but you have to have an idea of and good
reason for what you're targeting to repair with the RC or you may do more
harm. The Recovery Console is a command line trouble-shooter with 13 old
classical dos commands, and several other commands that can be run from the
Windows XP CD or be installed from there. You can execute commands that may
help you repair items within Windows from without, and even uninstall
programs *if you know they are causing the problem.* You can also repair a
corrupt registry from RC. To boot into the Recovery Console from the CD,
you'll have to go to the BIOS first and change the boot order to allow you
to boot from the CD first. If you don't know the key to get into the BIOS,
someone can get it for you from the manufacturer's site; call them or
consult their manual. It's usually a low F key F1 through F3. Other
frequent troubleshooting commands used from the RC are

1) chkdsk /r which may help and should not hurt you run from the RC.
2) fixboot Overwrites the partition boot sector.
3) fixmbr Overwrites and repairs the partition's Master Boot Record.

Typing "help" in the RC lists the possible commands.

Here are some links on using the RC for various fixes including a corrupted

How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry That Prevents Windows XP from

Computer Stops Responding with a Black Screen When You Start Windows

Support WebCast: Microsoft Windows XP: Exploring Boot Options and Recovery

Description of the Windows XP Recovery Console

HOW TO: Install and Use the Recovery Console in Windows XP

*Another Option: Boot Disks to Get You Into Windows*

You could also try to make boot discs for XP from the computer you're using.


How to Use System Files to Create a Boot Disk to Guard Against Being Unable
to Start Windows XP


HOW TO: Create a Boot Disk for an NTFS or FAT Partition in Windows XP

Obtaining Windows XP Setup Boot Disks

Hth and good luck,

Chad Harris

I notice that you're writing this on the 26th of April, ever heard of
the infamous CIH virus?? You're harddisks are gone man, its over,
forget about it ...

hehe well hopefully its not that bad, check out the symantec site,
they've got some kill_cih program that will get rid of the virus.

i just lost 2 of my pcs today, i lost a win xp pc!! cih isn't supposed
to be able to touch win xp, maybe its a new strain that symantec
hasn't gotten around to yet ...


If LKGC doesn't work you have probably got a corrupt Registry. A 'Repair' install of XP will hopefully help, although you will have to re-download & reinstall all Windows Updates - the following article by MVP Michael Stevens will help you:

"How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install"