Start Programs menu expand/collapse

Microsoft Windows XP

My Start > Programs list, and sub-groups within it, don't collapse to the
most recently/frequently used items, but display everything every time I go
there. Installed XP two weeks ago, it should have an idea by now of where I
visit, no? Or, have I missed a setting for it? TIA Harry

Right click on the Start Button, then select Properties>(Start Menu tab)Customise - scroll down the list and enable 'Use Personalised Menus' - OK your way out.
Hi Kelly

I wasn't sure what context to take that in - nothing mysterious about me <VBEG> I didn't know if that was a spelling mistake as well - although I see they have now corrected the main spelling error.
Thanks Kelly & Will... Will's took care of it, so I didn't run yours,
Kelly. Pleased as can be yet again. Thanks, folks.
Glad to help, Harry.