Is a component installed or not

Microsoft Windows XP


I need to know if I have IIS installed on my computer.

I am going to be quite scathing here but the Microsoft bloke who is
responsible for install/uninstall in Configuration should be sacked if not

Some of the boxes are ticked while others aren't.

The dailogue says you can either install or uninstall components but does
that mean that ticked components are already installed or about to be
installed if you proceed.

Would an installed component which is ticked automatically get uninstalled.

I'm actually interested in IIS in order to run asp.NET and I have IIS
folders in my computer so I think it is installed.

But it is unticked in the dialogue box whereas IE is ticked (and is
definately installed)

So I am confused.
just make sure that all the boxes next to the IIS components you need are
checked and press the Next button... re-running the installer doesn't hurt
anything, if the components are already installed, they won't be
uninstalled, unless you remove the checkmark from the corresponding box...
it's a no-brainer, really.
hmmm, i just noticed the part in your message where you said that IIS is
shown as NOT installed (unticked), but actually IS installed... just to
clarify, is the box partially grayed-out with a tick inside (meaning only
some components are installed) or NO tick whatsoever in the box? you've
confirmed that IIS is installed by looking for the Internet Information
Services snapin on the Computer Management console?