How "refresh" ethernet device entry in "Net Connections"?

Microsoft Windows XP

XP Pro + SP1. Home user. Connected to cable modem via on-
motherboard ethernet adapter (Via VT6103).


If I use SysInternal's Regmon then I see a relatively large number of
failed accesses to network entries in the registry.

I would like to remove the existing entry for my ethernet hardware in
Control Panel > Network Connections and then put a new one in its

(1) How do I delete it? Can I just delete the entry in Network
Connections or do I need to use uninstall in Device manager? or some
other way.

(2) How do I recreate a new entry in Network Connections for my
ethernet adapter? Will XP do it automatically whe it next boots?

(3) Is there an extra clean-up step which would be worth doing
before I reboot? What would I clean up and how?

It's good to use Regmon, but be careful and don't assume too much about it's
displayed messages. If you read some of Mark's blog articles, you'll note that
Failed Access (or whatever the phrasing used) does not necessarily identify a
hardware failure, and if a hardware failure, don't assume that replacing the
network card will solve things immediately.

If you want to replace your network card, fine. But do it in multiple steps:
1) Un install all protocols listed in Local Area Connection Properties.
2) Reboot.
3) Un install the network card in Device Manager.
4) Reboot.
5) Shutdown the computer and physically remove the network card.
6) Install the new network card per instructions of manufacturer.
7) Run the Network Setup Wizard, and choose Option 4, "This computer connects
directly to the Internet. I do not have a network yet." (assuming that is the
only computer?).
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Chuck, thanks for the info. I think I was not completely clear in my
original posting. I want to keep my network "card" (actually it is a
mobo chip). What i want to do is remove and then re-install the XP
entry for my LAN adapter in Network Connections. This is as a way of
cleaning up any corrupt descriptive data used by that entry.

Immediately before your step (3) above, I would like to think I could
somejow clean up any registry entries left behind. In fact I once
had seven LAN adapters defined (although only two were installed) and
they left behind all sorts of settings!

So my question is now:

How do I clean out any old registry data relating to a LAN connection
so that I can do a fresh install of the LAN in XP?

Thank you to anyone who can advise.

Well, if you un install all protocols, then all network devices, and registry
entries remain, give a registry cleaner like RegSeeker (free) from
<> a go. With no valid entries remaining,
anything it finds should be fair game for removal.