Blue screen of death after security update

Microsoft Windows XP

Hi, I'm running XP Home on a Dell 4600C. I just installed the updated 2/10 security update. It seemed to go fine until 5 minutes later the blue screen of death appeared. Only Outlook 2000 was running at the time, but I was not actively doing anything with it. The computer rebooted OK and seems to be normal. I'm sorry, I forgot to write down the error code. Just thought MS would like to know
Well, what you should know is that you should close ALL programs when
doing updates. It is even recommended to disable your AV. That one
reason I download all updates to my hard drive before running them. I
unplug my computer from my network, then disable my AV prog, and only
then do I run any MS update.
Thanks Kurt. All the programs were closed at the time of the update and I had already rebooted. But thanks for the disconnect from the network tip. Hadn't thought of that

Peace to you, too
"Only Outlook 2000 was running at the time . . . ." That was the
program I was talking about.

Hope everything works out for you.