Automatic SP2 Download

Microsoft Windows XP

I had the Automatic Updates programme running, so Microsoft downloaded and I
installed a part of SP2.

Couple of weeks ago Microsoft downloaded more of SP2, but since then I read
that it is not advisable to install SP2 from the Automatic Updates, so I
have the download on the PC with the icon by the clock and a daily reminder
to install it.

Since I now have the SP2 Update on a CD kindly (and free) provided by
Microsoft, which I want to install, which way do I remove the Automatic
Update downloaded by Microsoft? Thank you all!
To stop the Automatic Updates service, clear the contents of the DataStore and
Download folders, (if appropriate EventCache) and restart the Automatic Updates

1. Stop the Automatic Updates Service.
Click Start, Choose Run.
In the Run box, type services.msc.
Click OK.
Right-click the Automatic Updates service. Select Properties.
Under Service status, click Stop.
Click OK

2. Now you'll need to clean out the Download folder for WU5 by deleting the Contents
of the DataStore and Download folders.
Click Start, Choose Run.
In the Run box, type %windir%\SoftwareDistribution.
Click OK.
Delete the contents of both the DataStore, (and perhaps the EventCache) and Download

You will lose your WUv5 History -

When you're ready install SP2 from the Cd, restart the update service.