Any Value in a 'Registry Cleaner' in Windows XP?

Microsoft Windows XP

I'm a slightly computer savvy woman who needs good some advice. My petunia
business relies on my computer's good function. I'm trying to keep it
working well. I keep it defragmented and well protected against virus
threats and spyware. I have to use the internet and I'm currently relying
on Windows-XP built in software firewall. So far I've remained afloat.
(And, I want to keep it that way!)

I'm curious to know if anyone thinks any of those so called 'Registry
Cleaners' are any good.

Several years ago I tried a Norton product, when I was using Windows 98, and
I was very-very unimpressed. I have no doubt that Mr. Norton's program
found some innacurate registry entries and removed them; however, the speed
and efficency of my system was not noticably different. Moreover, the size
of those big old registry data files was only diminished by an itsy-witsy
tiny little bit. And, I was always so nervous using it; although thank
goodness, it never seemed to harm a darn thing! I guess I stopped using it
because it didn't seem to hurt, but it sure didn't help me out one doggone

Unless someone can show me a good reason to use one I am quite unlikely to
try it again. It seems the risk is too great and the upside is very little.


The built in firewall that comes with XP is not a good selection over using
ZoneAlarm from The main problem is it doesn't verify
outgoing from your system to the internet is valid and authorized. (See
reviews in PC Magazine or on their web site.) There is a free version of
ZoneAlarm at their web site.

The one 'registry cleaner' recommended in PC Magazine is the one that is
included with V-COM's "Fix-It Utilities 5.0". Again, check the PC Magazine
web site.

To protect agains PopUps go to for their free Pop Up

To remove other stuff: Ad Aware free from

A review of these newsgroups would turn up quite a few complaints from
people using Norton so I would not recommend it. Others. of course, may have
different suggestions/comments.


I agree with Jerry both about the built-in firewall and Norton (which causes more problems than it prevents.)

I have used both RegscrubXP, freeware from Lexun and available from Major Geeks here:
and I just got a copy of Easycleaner from Toniarts, also available from Major Geeks here:

I can't speak to the safety of Easycleaner. It found more "orphans" on my machine than did Regscrub, but I didn't go ahead until I do a little analysis. Other folks I know like it. I've never been burned by regscrub.

Hope this helps.